Chandeliers of Main Street USA

The nice thing about spending several days at the Disneyland Resort is that you can take time to explore some of the less celebrated features of the parks. I am always amazed at how much effort has been spent on minute details within the Disneyland Resort.

You just have to stop and look around to see that countless extra touches fill Disneyland and the surrounding area, all for the enjoyment of those who will take the time to notice.

One of examples of these details is the many chandeliers which grace the ceilings of the Main Street USA buildings.

Surprisingly, I have found almost no information on the chandeliers of Main Street. I did come across a reference about some early chandeliers, but don’t know if they are still lighting up the shops of Main Street or have been replaced. One shop featured 18th century crystal chandeliers, another had crystal chandeliers that had been pulled from an LA mansion in 1955 and Upjohn’s Pharmacy was adorned with twelve leaded-glass chandeliers which came from a vintage pharmacy in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Knowing a little bit about the way Disney operates, I would bet that many of the Main Street chandeliers in operation today, have some interesting stories to go along with them.

Main Street Chandeliers

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