You can post some Disney magic of your own!

Do you have a Disneyland Resort story to tell? Or maybe you would like to write a review of one of the resort restaurants? How about a favorite photo of you and your family at the resort?

If so, you can play a part in contributing to this site. I will only accept material that is in keeping with the “Disney spirit.” Besides that, it should be something that is going to be interesting to other people. Otherwise, the submission of material is wide open.

Just send text and photos to

Text can be copied into the email message or sent as an attachment as a Word or Pages document. I will try to keep the text as close to what you give me as possible, but I may edit it as needed.

Please send only photos that you have taken, or have permission to use. I can accept images in all the standard formats. If you are just sending a photo and no story, include enough information to create a caption from. Think about telling when your visit was, where you are from, what you were doing at the time (if not obvious) and the names of those pictured. It is not necessary to include both first and last names. You can say “The Jones family…” or “Here is Tommy and Susan…” For the sake of privacy it is probably best to not include both first and last names.

If you are unhappy with the post, once it is published, I will remove it or work to change it until you are satisfied with the way it looks.

If you are not yet ready to do a full post, don’t forget, you can always post a comment at the bottom of any page or post.

I hope to hear from you!


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